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Testimonials from Tymmarah's Thesis research "Collectively building a Welcoming Grande Prairie" which involved newcomers, agencies working with newcomers, and local artists

“This is not just an intellectual experience, it is deeply emotional.” 60 year old female, Grande Prairie

”Very well put together.  I appreciated the diversity in artists. I feel it (was) a unique way to interpret stories from newcomers.” 28 year old female, newcomer living in Grande Prairie

This project is a unique form of research bringing together local artists, community organizations and members of diverse communities to develop action plans and a final report to the host municipality or organization. Four or five workshops are held over a period of six months. The research design was created as my thesis for my Masters degree in Intercultural and International Communication. Contact me for details and cost.

"Collectively Building Welcoming Communities" is directed at municipalities and organizations committed to diversity and inclusion. It involves a series of workshops incorporating Action Research and Arts-based Research to explore gaps and opportunities in your community by collectively producing an art exhibit that will reflect lived experiences of a demographic of interest identified by the municipality or organization. Action Research engages members from a community to address a social issue where participants work through a process to develop a community-based solution. Arts-based Research can bring about change by invoking an empathic response from viewers to inspire them take action related to the social issue being researched in order to have the biggest impact on your community and/or organization.

The project will involve members from the identified demographic and may also involve agencies working with the identified demographic and/or local artists. The research question will be developed in conjunction with the municipality or organization supporting the project in conjunction with the researcher. Generally, the lived experiences of the identified demographic will be exhibited to community members who will complete a survey administered at a community function organized by the researcher. The information from the survey will be compiled and used to create an action plan and detailed report to the municipality or organization and will identify opportunities for improvement related to the research question.

If your municipality or organization is interested in a project of this scope please contact me to discuss details.

A Six Month Community,

Arts-Based Research Project That will foster diversity in your Municipality or organization

Collectively Building Welcoming Communities: