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Certified Locations Workshops Outline

Fostering Diverse Communities Canada wants to help your community recognize and appreciate its many dimensions of diversity, and promote inclusion. We partner with municipalities and community groups to provide education and awareness to local businesses and organizations, giving them the knowledge and skills to treat everyone with equity and respect.

To become an FDCC Certified Location 8 – 20 representatives from your community’s businesses and organizations take part in an interactive 3 hour workshop. Afterwards your location will be registered with us as a Certified Location and you will receive a poster and window sticker identifying your commitment to equitable and respectful treatment of everyone who enters. You may also choose to add the FDCC logo to your website, newsletters and email signatures to further demonstrate your commitment.

Workshop participants will learn about:

  • The Canadian Coalition of Municipalities Against Racism and Discrimination;
  • Welcoming and Inclusive Communities;
  • Canada’s Multiculturalism Act;
  • Human Rights;
  • Identity, Privilege, and Roles and Responsibilities;
  • Diversity Definitions;
  • Who in your community might be subject to discrimination;
  • Levels of inclusion;
  • Municipal Areas of Focus;
  • Strategies to prevent and address discrimination; and
  • Evaluation and reporting.


  • Promotion of community’s certified locations through media release and social media
  • Inclusion on the FDCC website’s listing of Certified Locations
  • Increase of positive community image
  • Knowledgeable, inspired community members as diversity champions
  • The Certification Workshop can act as the first step towards developing an action plan to reduce discrimination and racism in your community.

Contact: For more information on the program please feel free to email or call Diversity Consultant, Tymmarah Sheculski. | 780-850-8966 | | contact me.